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After purchase, you can get the membership, go to the member's exclusive product area, and the member price of the product will be discounted by more than 30% above the original discount price;

Only one purchase is required to cover the cost, Products' member price + Membership card price < Original price.

Please note that users who have previously made purchases on this website do not need to purchase this membership card, and can directly access the member Products area to enjoy the membership discount.

Regular users do not need to purchase

This membership benefits card is valid for one year, and membership is automatically obtained after purchase.


This card is an electronic card, and only one purchase per user.


The membership card can only be used by the individual and cannot be transferred or used for commercial purposes.


Users shall not obtain/use member rights in an improper or dishonest manner, otherwise we have the right to revoke the user's paid membership and reclaim the rights the user has obtained.

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