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  • How Can You 'Spy' like Marcelo Bielsa in Football Manager 2019
    Tempo: Jan. 21, 2019 Dal: SCDKey

    The Spygate incident dominated the world of football after Marcelo Bielsa admitted to dispatching one of his coaches to the Derby County before League game on January 11. The Argentine called an extraordinary press conference, where he confirmed that he had watched the training sessions of all the teams that Leeds had played this season. He then used a PowerPoint presentation to reveal the meticulous analysis and the huge amounts of data he and his training team are studying before each game.

    Now you can monitor your opponent's strengths and weaknesses to give you an advantage in the next game. In Football Manager 2019 Steam CD Key, the following is some tips on how to 'spy' on your opposition.

    As for Pre-Match Analysis. A few days before a game, you will receive an email with the pre-game analysis from one of your data analysts. This email contains information about the training and the style of play that your opponent will probably use against you, as well as your opponent's last game. Also includes positional heat maps, Attack points, Key players, Combination of higher passes, match statistics, an analysis of goals that scored and delivered in the last 20 games, most successful structure and so on. This email contains all the basic information you need to plan your strategy for the next game.

    In regard to Team reports, find the route to your opponent's home page by clicking on the name of the club or by typing their name in the search bar above. Then go to Team Reports, then to Senior Squad and there you get it. You will see summary options, team depth, formations, last game and much more.

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