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  • NBA 2K19: Everything is so realistic
    Tempo: Sep. 19, 2018 Dal: SCDKey

    NBA 2K19 Steam CD Key plays a game of basketball so realistic that it's a bit scary, to be honest. Whatever you do on the field, the nine AI players around you generally do an admirable job of behaving like receptive professional athletes.

    With decades of continuously improved controls, the sieve and pick-and-roll setting is child's play, and a variety of context-specific movements and finishes are pushed into the controller.

    The frantic pace of James Harden has only three pressures. Chris Paul's uninspiring dishes are as simple as a bumper and a take. Steph Curry's triple is also available, thanks to an improved ball screen, slightly lighter and improved this year. In its controls, its animation and its impeccable presentation, this is equivalent to getting sports games.

    The problem for 2K and the player is that all this has been true for several years. The fans consider that the basic concepts of the sport are almost unique. Yes, sometimes it can feel sticky and blocked in an animation that only makes you a passenger until it is played, but the disadvantage is a vast basketball lexicon to transfer to your controller. To feel like an NBA star, it's generous to support your moves.

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