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  • The Most Legendary Gear Out Of Borderlands 3's New Event
    Tempo: Feb. 5, 2020 Dal:

    Actually, there is only one reason why people play Borderlands 3, and that is not the story. They are weapons And now there are more large weapons than you can shake with a gossip trap.

    Borderlands games offer an incredible amount of weapons. The first game consisted of 17.75 million different weapons. In the pre-launch announcement, Borderlands 2 happily announces a total of 870 million weapons. For Borderlands 3, the developer Gearbox has made up to one billion calls. Paul Sage, creative director of the game, said in a recent interview that the last entry actually contains more than 1,000,000,000 individual weapons.

    Borderlands 3 Epic CD Key weapons are divided into five color-coded categories. White matter is the weakest and the most common. Green is a little better and a little less common. The blue team is officially classified as "weird", but any experienced player will tell you that it is quite common at the end of the game. The blue team is very good. The purple team is really scarce and generally large. The orange team, aptly called "legendary", is the best in the game, and is extreme, extremely rare.

    Gearbox launched the "Rare Chest Riches" mini event last week, an update that, among other things, will dramatically increase the speed at which the legendary team falls into rare vaults on Thursday, February 13. Have more people play the game ... of course, that's exactly what it can be. But you can really get a lot of legendary equipment now.

    In general, rare chests, or red chests to use in the nomenclature of the game, are found by beating bosses, completing side missions or exploring outside the box. Most areas of Borderlands 3 have three; Some have less. You can see exactly how many red chests are in a specific area by opening the map, selecting a specific area and clicking on the left joystick.

    Once you have looted a red chest, you can no longer loot it in this session of the game. Even if you leave an area or change the planet and return, you can no longer open a red chest. But there is a gap: when you exit the main menu and reload the game, most red chests restart. You can use this trick to loot them repeatedly to your liking, or at least until the morning of February 13, at the end of Rare Chest Riches.

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