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  • Resident Evil 2's Ghost Survivors Mode DLC Will Arrive
    Tempo: Feb. 3, 2019 Dal: SCDKey

    The statistics of Resident Evil 2 Steam Key show the bodies that you have seen most often playing. Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the classic PlayStation game and sold for three million copies in the first week of the game release. This is an extraordinary number, but there are other statistics that Capcom proudly presents.

    Capcom has published several statistics for the game on ResidentEvil.net so that users can compare their own Resident Evil 2 experience with other players. The total number of zombies killed since the launch have been recorded.

    In addition, 196,209,445 cockroaches were triggered, players have been walked 71,497,187 kilometers in game and 218,342,668 opponents have been killed so far. These numbers show at least one very passionate fan base that probably plays several times in each scenario.

    The multiple Resident Evil 2 Steam Key endings also give fans a reason to keep playing. This is an interesting design for each game, but a particularly revolutionary vision for a title originally released in 1998. With secrets still hidden, there are certainly many additional statistics and unexpected information that Capcom will publish in the future. Meanwhile, the Ghost Survivors mode DLC in Resident Evil 2 is definitely a fun diversion with even more statistics that Capcom can track when it arrives on February 15, 2019.

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